Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cover Girl

Just in case you were wondering where I went- yet again- just look at the cover of this magazine and realize how important I am. I am, of course, kidding, as I've not been busy posing for magazine covers (this shoot happened over a month ago) but I have been occupied cleaning up an inordinate amount of cat vomit. Glamourous, I know.

Anyway, I was on the cover of Quill and Quire and I think it's super cool. Don't worry, I'll draw again soon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Binky Takes Charge is finished. And my household takes a collective sigh. I'm sleep deprived, a little fatter- chocolate makes too good a friend during late night painting sessions- and ready to start wearing my pretty clothes again! Plus I'm itching to draw something just for fun again. In case any of you two readers aren't familiar with Binky, he's the guy above here shown during the stages of final art creation. That's the image for the cover.

And if you think I'm a big fat whiner- which, no denying, I totally am,  really, ask anyone- below is a shot of HALF the book. The other half is already nuzzling the soft bosom of their publisher adoptive mommy. That went to a weird place. Did I mention the sleep deprivation?

PS Clothes to come soon...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Painting (and cheating)

Sorry once again Blog Fans, I'm still hard at work on Binky- who might make an appearance on here soon- but in the meantime here's some more Instagram photos of my wearings this past week. You'll probably notice the amount of colour I've been sporting and that's all due to my yearning for Spring. Those of you hardened winter-living folks know that February is still the thick of winter, but those of us wimps who grew up on the West Coast are used to crocuses and daffodils rearing their little heads around this time. Instead I am surrounded by a sea of snow and browned everything.

So, in lieu of actual flowers I have decided to dress like one. Whatever gets me through the last long days of cold.