Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pre-Pajama's Outfit

(blazer/ peplum top- Anthropologie, Boyfriend Jeans- Pilcro, Shoes- Fly, Squirrel Necklace- Green Eye Design from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.)

I have to apologize. I had intended to try a few sketches from the road these past few weeks, but work travel never really goes as planned. Visiting the Atlantic provinces for the first time turned out to be far too distracting. And a bit cold for a time, so my style was less refined and more let's-put-on-every-item-I-packed-at-once-in-order-to-stay-warm chic. It was a lovely trip that I got to share with my Mom, even though, right on cue, I'm getting some sort of virus that will no doubt get in the way of life for a time. If only I could travel and stay healthy for once!

Anyway, this is something I wore today when my fella and I went for sushi. Pictures of me in my pj's, surrounded by used tissues to come soon...