Friday, June 29, 2012

Catching up, Via iPhone

 (Chambray Shirt, Pants, Skirt- J Crew, Striped Dress- Gap, 
Yellow Blouse, skinny belt- Aritzia, Wide belt- Anthropologie)

(Polka Dots: Top-J Crew, Skirt- Modcloth, Belt- Anthro
Stripes and Florals: Jacket- Aritzia, Top- J Crew, Jeans- AG via Anthro
Pink and Yellow: Top- Gap, Belt and shoes- Anthro, Skirt- J Crew)

I know, I've gone awol again. But just to prove to you all that I'm still wearing clothes- and that I'm working a lot, check out the little pics above of the roughs for my latest book- I'm including some iPhone/ Diptic creations. I've been meaning to get some drawings done of my outfits but, alas, the deadline is taking over so you are all stuck with photos. 

The thing I love about the style blog is it's ability to make me approach my wardrobe like an art project. Each day I want to try something new. That's not to say that I still don't spend most my time in elastic waist pants and loose tops. I work at home after all. But at least sometimes I try. And, look! There's proof!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka Dot Pants

(Shirt- Gap, Cami- Joe Fresh, Pants- J Crew, Shoes- Anthropologie)

Here I am dressing dangerously clownish. Polka dot pants could go either way, so I hope that I don't look like I'm late for my gig at the Big Top. 

Speaking of big tops, I don't have one. Flat. As. A. Board. Just something I have become really aware of as I look at myself for these drawings. I bet you're glad you know that. You are welcome.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Silky Junk Coverings

(Top & Necklace- Anthropologie, Shorts- Madewell, Shoes- Miz Mooz)

Who wears silk shorts? I do apparently! Who knew that I could love horizontal stripes across my bum so much?

The thing I love about these shorts is their almost skirt like look but without the wardrobe malfunction danger that comes with a short skirt. Yup, that's the level of pickiness that I wield when choosing clothes- "Does it cover my junk?" 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a Princess!

(Top- Anthropologie, Belt- Aritzia, Skirt- J Crew, Shoes- Steve Madden)

There is something about wearing a long flowy skirt that makes me feel all princessy. I love them. Heaven help me when they go out of style- I'll just start wearing a tiara with it and convince people that I actually am some long lost Canadian Royalty. It'll work. Mark my words.