Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Bling Bling

(Shirt- J Crew, Sequined Shirt- Joe Fresh, Necklace- Anthropologie)

Happy New Year everyone! I have been the worst blogger ever, but rest assured I will be back. In the meantime I'm posting a quick image to let you know that I'm not just using this time to sit around in my man's old shirts and saggy-bottom sweatpants. I'm also wearing those things with sequins!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Holidays!

Hey Folks! So Skirtmas wasn't cancelled, just postponed due to a nasty cold and Christmas travel- don't you love it when those two things are combined? But I've packed my paints and my sketchbook and I'm hoping to Skirtmas the crap out of this blog next week.

In the meantime, have a lovely holiday everyone and eat lots and lots of sweets!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Skirtmas Rush

(Faux Fur Scarf- Joe Fresh, Polka Dot Tee- Madewell, Black Tee- Gap,
Belt- Anthropologie, Skirt- Jacob, Boots- Miz Mooz)

As I am sure most of you are these days, I am doing everything in a mad rush. Seems I have fairly unrealistic expectations about what I can accomplish during the holiday season. This includes putting together and then, subsequently, drawing my outfits. Time is of the essence so having a finished drawing is the goal- small feet, horrendously foreshortened hand et al. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stay- Puff Skirtmas

(Blue Sweater- Lands End Canvas, Yellow Sweater/ Jumper/ Hairband- Anthropologie,
Belt- J Crew, Tights- Gap, Socks- Joe Fresh, Boots- Indigo)

I admit that I made myself look a little less poofy in the drawn version than I looked in real life. I loved the colour combo and the cozy warmth of the two sweater thing, but I looked a little stay-puff for my taste. It being Christmas time though, maybe I do look a little stay-puff with or without the double sweater action. In any case, this is what I wore.

Oh, and I know what you are thinking- isn't that the jumper that Rory Gilmore wore in the final season of Gilmore Girls? Yes. Yes it is. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sticking with Skirtmas

(T-Shirt, Sweater- Anthropologie, Belt- J Crew, 
Skirt- Gap, Tights- Winners, Boots- Steve Madden)

This skirt thing is harder than I thought. Everyday I come up with something I'd love to wear but it always hinges on the wearing of pants. I'm going to stick to my goal though- even if the outfits end up less than perfect. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Second Day of Skirtmas

(Sweater- Gap, Turtleneck- Anthropologie, Skirt- J Crew
Tights- Winners, Boots- Steppin' Out in Steveston, BC)

Right on cue, as I initiated the Skirtmas goal, the weather dipped to -17C with wind chill. But I promised myself, and both of you readers, that I was going to do this. So here I am dolled up to go my printmaking class, which was, thankfully, indoors.

Oh, and here's a shameless plug, feel free to tell your friends about the blog and have them follow. You don't actually have to do anything, just click a little button to make me happy.  (Plus, I'm superstitious about 13, and since that's my current number of followers,  the first person to up that to fourteen gets a prize- a big ol' thumbs up from this gal!)

Work In Progress

Just thought I'd show how the desk looks and how I'm ignoring Binky for the morning in order to keep the Skirtmas dream alive. New post will be coming soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Days of Skirtmas

(Dress, Sweater, Necklace- Anthropologie, Boots- Miz Mooz)

Every year around now it gets far too cold to even think about wearing a skirt. Unless I'm going to something fancy, my lovely winter skirts and dresses go wildly ignored as soon as the minus temperatures hit. To a gal who works at home, a skirt seems somewhat impractical when the only outside experience she gets in a day is a dog walk.

Not this year, blog fans! This year I am undertaking the Skirtmas challenge. No more will my tweeds, cords and wool frocks go neglected. I'm going to wear them, damn it, or freeze trying. So from now until the 25th I will be styling my girly winter wear in the true spirit of Skirtmas.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cute and Sweaty

(Toque, Jacket, Turtleneck, Necklace- Anthropologie, Cords- AG,
Sweater- Dots, Boots- Josef Seibel)

Trying to paint plaid is much more challenging than I previously thought. I think I did okay. Just remember folks I'm not trying to make an photographic reproduction- I'm not capable of that anyway. If I wanted it to be perfect then I'd post a photo, and you would all have to see my massive nose and short legs. Trust me, drawing is better for everyone.

I wore this last week when I attempted a bit of Christmas shopping/ errands/ stupidity. Really comfortable when getting into your cold car, but when you are sixth in line at Zellers, holding massive boxes of toys in addition to your previous purchases it's pretty much the sweatiest outfit ever. The lesson here? Only shop online.