Friday, December 21, 2012

Remember when I had a blog?

Hi style fans. I can't apologize enough for being awol these past months. I've been busier than ever with jobs coming out my you-know-what, and since those gigs pay and this is for fun, of course, the fun stuff got shoved aside. I'd like to say that I'll be back first thing in 2013 to update my style drawing collection but, truth is, I still have copious amounts of work. But I'll do my best and, in the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post

(Shirt, Sweater, Jeans- Anthropologie, Slippers- Lands End)

I bet you all thought the dentist did me in last week, huh? I'm sure you've all been trolling the papers waiting for the inevitable headline, "Death in the Dentist's Chair." (Newspapers are such suckers for alliteration.) But, low and behold, I have survived. Turns out the rumours of my cavities were greatly exaggerated. The lesson here kids, get a second opinion. 

Honestly, I've been up to my eyeballs in deadlines lately. Drawing, writing, presentation preparation- the whole shabang. So I've asked my significant other to do the outfit drawing for me this week. And, might I say, I've never looked prettier. 

I'm off to Winnipeg today for a writer's festival, so please be patient loyal fans. I will be back with new drawings soon. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tooth Liar

(Blazer/ shirt- J Crew, Jeans- AG, Purse- Anthropologie, Shoes- Joseph Campbell)

Sorry the posts are starting to get a little less frequent. I am, in fact, still wearing clothes, but finding the time to draw them is getting more challenging. I'm not complaining- business is great and I am lucky to have so many contracts...

Okay, that got boring fast. Truth is I have to go have a cavity filled tomorrow and I'm a bit scared. Did I ever tell you fine readers that I am a fainter? Yup, I am. And not the pretty swoony kind of faint but the, "Gee, do you think she's have a seizure because she sure is making a spectacle of herself," kind of faint. I don't usually faint at the dentist's office but there was talk of needles so only time will tell. You know what's the worst about this? The reason I have the cavity? Too. Much. Fruit. You heard that right, eat well and you get cavities. All these years I could have been downing bags of jujubes and never flossing and I'd be right where I am today. An apple a day my a$#. The lies stop here. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thematic Dressing

(Shirt/ Necklace- Anthropologie, Skirt- Modcloth, Shoes- Seychelles)

I had to take the remaining kitten, Penny, from my foster litter to the vet for her 12 week shots last week. What does a girl wear to the vet- besides non-snaggable fabrics? A skirt with kitties on it of course! Once again, I fall victim to thematic dressing. I just can't resist. And, really, why should I?

Speaking of Penny...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Again

(Blouse- Club Monaco, Tank- J Crew, Shorts- Old Navy,
 Scarf/ Shoes- Anthropologie)

And just like that it was Summer again. Which is fine since it meant that I got to wear my polka-dot shorts one last time. The zig-zagging weather this time of year can be quite the tease for those of us itching to reach for our layers, but I have to admit that getting some last minute wear out of my soon to be boxed up Summer attire is satisfying. Even if it means showing off my tan-in-a-bottle neglected legs. Darn you Jergen's, I quit you too soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Shut-In in Seasonal Limbo

(Sweater/ Shoes- Anthropologie,  Jeans- AG Jeans, Cami- Joe Fresh)

Fall is, without a doubt, the most exciting season for fashion and style. And yet, here we are on the cusp of all the layer-y wooly awesomeness and I'm feeling creatively stunted. I still feel the urge to get some last minute wear out of my favorite Summer pieces but I have some new Fall items, like these purple jeans (YIPEEEE!)  begging to be worn. The result? I just keep wearing blah stuff. Weird thing is, as I browse some of my other favorite style blogs, they seem to be feeling the same way. I guess it's just seasonal limbo. Or maybe it's because I didn't get in my car for a full week! That's right, I got behind the wheel on Wednesday and realized that I honestly couldn't remember the last time I drove. So maybe the style rut is seasonal limbo AND a mild case of shut-in-itis. Only time will tell...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best Message Ever

(Sweater/ Shoes- Anthropologie, Shirt- Gap, Jeans- AG)

Since this outfit is pretty run of the mill- not that I didn't love wearing it, it just isn't making any big waves- I thought instead that I would share the loveliest message that I have ever received. It's timely considering that the fourth Binky book, Binky Takes Charge, just came out this past weekend. It was posted on the Binky Facebook page last night: 

"Dear Binky, He came into my classroom today. You know, the boy who d̶i̶s̶l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ h̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ detests reading. He has quit more than two books since the start of school--four days ago. He stood near my desk and told me straight up, "I hate reading." I'm so glad you live in my classroom, Binky. I walked right over to you, picked you up gently, and introduced you to this boy. This boy who took you out of my classroom over The Lunch Lady and Sidekicks. This boy who took you back to study hall and hid himself behind the door so he could read more than the first couple pages I read to him. This boy who left school with a smile saying, "I love that book!" This is what you do, Binky. You live in my classroom and make best friends with readers. Thank you."

And that, people, is why I do what I do.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mullet Outfits

(Blazer/ Scarf/ Shoes- Anthropologie, T-Shirt- J Crew, Shorts- Roots)

I always see pictures of "transitional" outfits in the magazines and last week I decided that, goshdarnit, I was going to wear a blazer with shorts. It's the outfit equivalent of a mullet- Fall on the top, Summer on the bottom. And, weirdly, it was oddly practical for the late summer weather.  I recommend it highly.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitten Transport

(Scarf- Gap, Blazer/ Tank- J Crew, Jeans- AG, Shoes- Anthropologie)

I wore this the other day when I transported one of my foster kittens to his new home in Vancouver. I decided to draw him into the photo for posterity. Man, was it hard to say good-bye to him. This is why I've never put myself on the fostering list at local cat rescues. I'm more the "you are mine forever" kind of cat person. I think that last sentence just put me on the Saskatoon Area Mental Health watch list. 

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to be featured in the National Post Style section. I never saw the results of our photo shoot though, so there is a good chance that you will see first hand why I draw myself on this blog instead of posting photos. There could be some mega-goofus face. Consider yourselves warned.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fun Stuff in Purple

(Shirt/ Belt- Anthropologie, Skirt- J Crew Factory, Shoes- Rieker)

So, I've got some exciting stuff coming up. The newest installment in the Binky graphic novel series is due out on September 1st! I'm about to be up to my eyeballs in Binky once again as I begin the final illustrations for the fifth book, so it's always nice to see the fruits of one book as you start the next.

Look to the blog tomorrow for one more exciting announcement- at least it's exciting for me. You may not give a rat's furry bottom, but I think it's cool.

PS- I wore this outfit and only felt like a purple people eater a little bit. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mountain Wedding

(Dress- Anthropologie, Blazer- Gap, Belt- J Crew, Clutch- Winners, Shoes- Tsubo)

And then I went to a wedding. Has anyone noticed that I've worn these shoes non-stop lately? They are pretty awesome. Dancing at a wedding and no blisters. Amazing.

I was worried about wearing a dress covered with butterflies- I didn't want to look like one of the flower girls- but I think adding some more tailored accessories made it more grown up. Though wearing all these butterflies did cause a dragonfly to hang out on my hand for a while. I guess my dress showed I was a friend to his people.

Friday, August 24, 2012

But I Will...

(Blouse- Violet Hill, Belt- Anthropologie, Skirt- Madewell, Shoes- Tsubo)

Okay, I'm going to be perfectly honest: I haven't worn this outfit outside of my bathroom/ dressing room. I love it and I can't wait to wear it. I drew out some, "But I will wear it," outfits and this was one of them. This is my blog, I make up the rules. So sometimes I will draw future outfits because I can see into the future. I am style clairvoyant. Wow, that would be the worst superpower ever. Actually the worst would be making others smell watermelon whenever you desired. Absolutely no crime fighting application for that one.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Practice Fall

(Sweater/ shirt- Old Navy, Scarf- Gift from friend, Jeans- AG, Shoes- Jeffery Campbell)

Remember how I was talking about how much I love Fall? Well, I love it so much that I decided to go somewhere where the Fall temperatures have already started to arrive- Banff. I'm in the mountains- back home really- and enjoying the nicer temperatures and the beautiful scenery. Plus, I don't know an elk that doesn't appreciate a well dressed woman. 

Anne Elk? An elk? (Python fans, anyone?)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Autumn Wedgies

(Scarf/ Blouse- Anthropologie, Sweater/ Jeans- Gap, Shoes- Tsubo)

I'm aware that most of Saskatchewan is absorbing and loving the insane heat, but I'm already dreaming of the cooler days of Fall. All those who read this blog regularly know that I'm not the biggest fan of warm weather. I max out at 24 (C) and hate to needlessly expose my legs. "Bring on Fall," is what I say- often while walking down the street by myself and usually garnering more than one bemused glance from a person that (I swear!) wasn't there two seconds ago. How do they do that? You are walking the dog and the inevitable wedgie occurs, so you check your surroundings before dislodging the errant bit of fabric and just when your mid-wedgie removal, no turning back now, BAM!, someone has magically appeared across the street and is looking straight at you. Every. Time.

I think I got a bit sidetracked there. My point was, I like Fall. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day Glow at the Market

(Top- Madewell, Belt/ Skirt- Anthropologie, Shoes- Urban Outfitters)

I put on this bright yellow skirt the other day and was heading out the door to the farmers market when my partner/ husband/ guy-I-live-with said, "At least I won't have trouble finding you." Finding a skirt that has the properties of a reflective vest is not easy. Rocking said skirt with complete disregard for those with sensitive retinas is even more difficult. Thankfully, I was up to the challenge.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lovin' The Clouds

(Jeans- Gap, Top- Madewell, Blazer- J Crew, Shoes- Tsubo via Traxx)

I am most likely the only person in Saskatchewan that loves a good rainy day. Everyone else seems to go into sudden hibernation while I am so full of creativity and energy. Rain and clouds means it's a great day for a run and for getting the ideas flowing. AND it means lovely light layers! See sun worshippers- it's a win win!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Static Style

(Dress- Gentle Fawn, Belt- J Crew, Sweater/ Purse/ Shoes/ Aviators- Anthropologie)

What do I say about my outfit today. It was staticky. I loved wearing this but whenever I stepped out of my car or stood up from a chair I felt like I was wearing saran wrap on my tush. Not the classiest, but living in a dry climate has many challenges. And, really, if that's my biggest problem that day then I'm ahead of most. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Italian Dreams

(Top/ Belt- Anthropologie, Skirt- Modcloth, Shoes- Everybody)

This outfit made me feel all flowy and classic which seems to be a common theme in my summer dressing this year. Something about the voluminous just-below-the-knee skirts make me feel as though I should be walking the streets of some small Italian village picking up my fresh produce at the market in the town square. Sigh. Instead I wore this to Safeway. Sometimes you just have to live with what you got.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pale Legs and All

(Dress- Gap, Scarf/ Belt/ Cuff/ Shoes- Anthropologie)

As someone who suffers from blindingly pale legs, the long skirt/ dress trend is heaven sent. All the ease and comfort of Summer, none of the retina damage. Win, win. 

Sometimes these drawings don't quite do the outfits justice. I felt like the outfit was awesome while I was wearing it. In the drawing, meh. At least I managed to do a drawing. Considering I've had three kittens running up my legs on a regular basis (and one chewing the keyboard as I type this) it's a miracle I've done anything other than bask in their mind-boggling cuteness. Speaking of which, I just missed three minutes of adorable! Gotta go.

Friday, August 3, 2012

From the Garden

(Sweater- J Crew, Shorts- Aritzia, Top/ Necklace/ Shoes- Anthropologie)

I wanted to publish this a few days ago, but as I had mentioned on the last post, kittens happened. We are calling it the kitten time vortex because as soon as you walk in the room they swarm you with small purrs and start doing the most adorable things and then suddenly four hours have magically vanished. 

But here is a garden themed outfit from a few days ago. Flowers on the shirt, beetles on the shoes. Man, I'm a sucker for thematic dressing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Addicted to Polka Dots and Kitties

(Dress/ Shirt- J Crew, Hat- Gap, Purse- Anthropologie, Shoes- Urban Outfitters)

This was my happy going to Granville Island outfit when we were out it BC last week. Nothing like polka dots to make you feel AWESOME. Seriously, I've developed a mild addiction. I was thinking of turning to stripes as a form of methadone but I'm not really addicted. I can quit anytime I just don't want to.

I wanted to post yesterday but then this happened:

Three foster kitties have arrived at my house for adoption. I'm bottle feeding (and Gordon, my dog, is face washing) for now but they'll be available for their permanent homes in late August. Any takers?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Again? Oui.

(Top, Skirt, Bracelet- J Crew [wow, I'm a walking advert] Shoes- Rieker)

Remember how I promised to get more stylistically creative? Apparently I lied. Striped top and skirt and the same shoes. I know, try not to be over stimulated. I did reverse the colour scheme though. So there's that.

Actually I was feeling very 'French girl' the day I wore this. If it wasn't so durn hot I would have worn a jaunty scarf and said "Oui," a lot. (Mostly because it's the only French word I know. But also because I'm very agreeable.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


(Dress, Necklace- Anthropologie, Shoes- Rieker)

Some days are just meant for throwing on a dress and not fussing. I didn't even bother wearing a belt with this! What a lazy sod. Cheater dresses like this are the best- it looks like a top and a skirt but, fooled you, it's a dress! It's like a modern day Skort! (Those of you who are my age will get that one.)

Don't worry, I promise to get more stylistically creative next time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hipster Dog Walk

(Shoes, Shirt, Necklace- Anthropologie, Jeans- AG, Hat- Gap)

Nothing like a hat to say hipster. And to protect from wingy humidity riddled hair. Saskatoon is supposed to have a nice dry heat but apparently global warming has decided to change it up. It's all kind of steamy here this summer and, let me tell you, the hair no likey. 

I wore this on a dog walk last week. No glamorous brunches or fancy art openings for me. This is what I wear when I scoop dog logs. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012


(Shirt- Aritzia, Skirt- J Crew, Purse- Nine West Outlet a decade ago, 
Shoes- Step Ahead)

Okay, the Binky roughs are done, the family holiday is over and I'm finally able to turn my attention back to the ol' blog. I'm certain my infrequent posts as of late have done nothing for my readership, but deadlines are deadlines. Sorry folks.

So here is an atypically bright ensemble that I wore for dinner sometime last year. Okay, not actually last year, but it feels like forever ago. I'll get going on some new outfits this weekend, but, for now, here's one from history books.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Catching up, Via iPhone

 (Chambray Shirt, Pants, Skirt- J Crew, Striped Dress- Gap, 
Yellow Blouse, skinny belt- Aritzia, Wide belt- Anthropologie)

(Polka Dots: Top-J Crew, Skirt- Modcloth, Belt- Anthro
Stripes and Florals: Jacket- Aritzia, Top- J Crew, Jeans- AG via Anthro
Pink and Yellow: Top- Gap, Belt and shoes- Anthro, Skirt- J Crew)

I know, I've gone awol again. But just to prove to you all that I'm still wearing clothes- and that I'm working a lot, check out the little pics above of the roughs for my latest book- I'm including some iPhone/ Diptic creations. I've been meaning to get some drawings done of my outfits but, alas, the deadline is taking over so you are all stuck with photos. 

The thing I love about the style blog is it's ability to make me approach my wardrobe like an art project. Each day I want to try something new. That's not to say that I still don't spend most my time in elastic waist pants and loose tops. I work at home after all. But at least sometimes I try. And, look! There's proof!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka Dot Pants

(Shirt- Gap, Cami- Joe Fresh, Pants- J Crew, Shoes- Anthropologie)

Here I am dressing dangerously clownish. Polka dot pants could go either way, so I hope that I don't look like I'm late for my gig at the Big Top. 

Speaking of big tops, I don't have one. Flat. As. A. Board. Just something I have become really aware of as I look at myself for these drawings. I bet you're glad you know that. You are welcome.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Silky Junk Coverings

(Top & Necklace- Anthropologie, Shorts- Madewell, Shoes- Miz Mooz)

Who wears silk shorts? I do apparently! Who knew that I could love horizontal stripes across my bum so much?

The thing I love about these shorts is their almost skirt like look but without the wardrobe malfunction danger that comes with a short skirt. Yup, that's the level of pickiness that I wield when choosing clothes- "Does it cover my junk?" 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a Princess!

(Top- Anthropologie, Belt- Aritzia, Skirt- J Crew, Shoes- Steve Madden)

There is something about wearing a long flowy skirt that makes me feel all princessy. I love them. Heaven help me when they go out of style- I'll just start wearing a tiara with it and convince people that I actually am some long lost Canadian Royalty. It'll work. Mark my words.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If Fran can do it...

(Sweater, Shoes- Anthropologie, Tank- J Crew, Jeans- AG Stevie Ankle)

I decided that I could wear spots and stripes together because if my tabbies, Fran and Gracie, can do it, so can I. Admittedly it looks better on them, but then, they are cats, they always put all other living things to shame in the appearance department. 

I'm on a bit of a role doing the blog stuff lately. I'm sure both you readers noticed that. Hey, anyone got any tips on how to promote this little endeavour of mine? Facebook is being dinky about posting links to this site. Probably because they don't own it so they won't acknowledge it. Grrr.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grandma's Couch

(Blazer- Aritizia, Top- J Crew, Necklace and Pants- Anthropologie,
Shoes- Steve Madden)

I'm not sure I captured the Grandma's Couch floral-ness of this blazer in my representation. It's pretty terrific. I put it on wondering if it might be a bit much but then a stylish fellow at the book store said it was awesome, so that felt good. And then an old lady at the drug store stopped me to say how lovely my coat was. Could be that she was a mega-stylish broad going incognito OR it could be that my coat reminded her of her decor, complete with cat fur. Either way, I rocked it, fur et al.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thoughtfully Blue

(Jeans- AG, Blouse- Modcloth, Sweater and Flats- Anthropologie)

Sometimes my drawings are so thoughtful that I have to add an actual thought bubble to show how introspective I am. I'm so deep.

Yes, this is another blouse that has kitties on it. And bees on my shoes too. For those of you who know the Binky books, I'm being very clever and thematic. For those of you who don't know the Binky books, I look like a nutbar.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neutral Times

(Blouse- Madewell, Belt- Aritizia, Skirt- Anthropologie,
Bracelet- J Crew, Shoes- Winners)

I finally do a post and it's all neutrals (which means it's super easy paint.) I can only be satisfied wearing neutral colours if I'm doing a good ole' pattern clash. If my outfit isn't slightly migraine inducing, then I'm not dressed right.

Man, I love long skirts.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And then I was in Toronto...

Hey sports fans, so I've been off and away in Toronto doing school visits and attending the forest of reading celebrations. Unfortunately I not only returned with armloads full of shiny new clothes, but also with a wicked cold. So instead of showing off my rumbled pj's, I figured I'd show off some outfits and sweet deals that I rocked while I was away.

Hope to be dressing like a real live person soon...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Stripes

(Dress- Gap, Belt- J Crew, Scarf- Winners, Shoes- Anthro)

A few decades ago I wore this dress because we had one day of summer! It's so over now, but thankfully the ticks are here to stay. Yipee.

Anyway, I tried out the striped dress thing. Didn't think I could rock this look at my advanced age, but I think I managed to pull it off. And if I didn't, so what? It was two weeks ago. I've moved on. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Vera

(Blazer- Aritzia, Jeans- Fidelity, Blouse- Modcloth,
Necklace and Flats- Anthropologie)

I was in BC last week doing school visits and this was one of the outfits I was sporting. I didn't look quite so porcupine-ish, but my friend Vera requested that I get spiky and so I did. (If you have any animals you would like to see me as, please, drop me a line and let me know.)

And yes, that is a kitty blouse. Why don't all clothes have a cat print on them? Oh yeah, because some people interpret "cat print" as an oversized sweater with a Hallmark painting of kittens screened onto the front. People ruin everything.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Jeans- AG, Sweater- Gap, Blouse- J Crew, Shoes- Anthro, Tail- the "vitamins" they put in milk

I'm sick of drawing me. I'm boring. You know what isn't boring? Drawing animals! So from now on I will put animals in my clothes. May or may not work. But that's what blogging is all about. Sharing your mistakes with the world. Enjoy.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Poor Moose...

Okay, this weekend was about pastel colours, bunnies and chocolate, but I've not drawn any of those lately. I HAVE drawn a frustrated Moose who can't ride a skateboard, which, let's face it, depicts the true meaning of Christmas  Easter.

Yay Bunnies!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Boxes

Sorry again fashion folks. I've not been knocking it out of the park fashion wise these days and even when I have put on something cute I've forgotten to photograph it! So, here are some houses. The one on the left is kind of our house. I live in an old house neighbourhood and most people seem to have a dog. I know, my imagination was clearly on hyper-drive with this one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Wear Heels Everyday!

(Sweater- J Crew, Blouse- Little Saskatoon Boutique whose name is ?,
Necklace and Shoes- Anthropologie, Denim Leggings- AG Jeans)

No, I don't. I wear slippers everyday. But for the purpose of this outfit post, I put on the heels that I would wear if I was going somewhere. Which I wasn't. But don't they look purdy?

Monday, March 19, 2012

For a Moment, It was Spring

Shirt- J Crew, Sweater & Flats- Anthropologie,
 Coloured Denim- Joe's Jeans

It was almost Spring last week. I pulled out the colour and the flats and did a little happy dance in the sunshine. (To anyone who witnessed that happy dance, I apologize profusely and ascertain that monetary compensation for any emotional damage it may have caused you will be forthcoming.)

Now the blustery gray days have set in again (no complaints here though, no snow = Happy Ashley!) causing me to say, "See you later," to my lovely little flats and ankle length pants. It was a nice taste of what's to come though...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Costumed Doodle

I admit that I haven't worn a zebra or a leopard costume lately, but I did do this doodle in my sketchbook instead of drawing an outfit pic. So I'm showing this to you instead. They say animal prints are hot this season...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Think Like A Pylon

(Denim Leggings- AG Jeans, Coat- J Crew, Sweater & Cami- Gap,
Necklace & Boots- Anthropologie)

We have been lucky this year. As most of the continent knows, this has been a crazy mild winter. So what better year to sport an awesome bright orange coat since orange is the international colour of Spring worshippers* and community service workers. Which one am I? I'll let you decide.

*This most likely isn't true since I just made it up.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black, White and Dots All Over

(Dress & belt- Anthropologie, Sweater- Jacob, Boots- Lola Ramona)

This was my first post Binky outfit. Free from dreary deadline garb and excited about getting dressed to go out. Never mind that "out" was Safeway. I was outside of my house for something that wasn't a dog walk. Small victories people.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue and Orange

Sweater & Bracelet- J Crew, Skirt & Belt- Anthropologie,
Tights- Gap, Boots- Miz Mooz 

Hey look! It's an actual outfit post!

Spring takes forever to arrive here on the prairies. I'm used to Crocuses in February, Daffodils in March and Tulips in April. Back home, in BC, it's like clock work. Here, not so much. So, to fight the never-ending-winter blahs I sometimes wear more colour than is good for me. Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do, good taste be damned.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cover Girl

Just in case you were wondering where I went- yet again- just look at the cover of this magazine and realize how important I am. I am, of course, kidding, as I've not been busy posing for magazine covers (this shoot happened over a month ago) but I have been occupied cleaning up an inordinate amount of cat vomit. Glamourous, I know.

Anyway, I was on the cover of Quill and Quire and I think it's super cool. Don't worry, I'll draw again soon.