Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back with Bunny

(Sweater- Anthro, Shirt- Gap, Jeans- Pilcro, Boots- Arnold Churgin)

This isn't a mirage- it really is a NEW post! I finally had a chance to use my new toy- a lovely Cintiq computer- to make a quick sketch of a bunny wearing an outfit of mine. (Trust me, it looks better on her.)

I'm going to try to post more frequently, even if it's just updates on my work. Pinky swear.

And I'll post some news about what I've been up to during my radio silence soon. Or, better yet, if you are a reader of ChickaDEE magazine here in Canada, check out my new fiction series, The Space Chronicles debuting this month!

Okay, I'll stop shamelessly plugging my work. For now...

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