Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm back!

(Whole outfit from Anthropologie- I know, big surprise.)

I'm alive! Okay, so there was probably never much doubt about that, but hey, look, I'm blogging again.

Talk about a sabbatical. Things got pretty hairy there for a while, moving across two provinces (I'm back home in BC!!!) while juggling deadlines, house guests, work travel, three thousand pets, and single handedly ending poverty will do that. Okay, that last bit I haven't totally figured out, but I'm, like, halfway there. 

But maybe one or two of my loyal followers are out there still? If you are- Hiya! Welcome back!

So I'm going to start work on a book about a little animal character who loves to dress up. No, it's not an autobiography, at least not completely. I just haven't figured out what kind of animal she and her friend will be so I'm going to use this blog to help me try somethings out. If you think one is working well please send me a note to let me know. 

Yipee- I'm back!!

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