Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bunnies in the 'hood

I admit that as far as outfit drawings go, I've been all kinds of remiss. I blame the bunnies.

I live in this little picturesque corner of the world where beavers, river otters, ducks, herons, bald eagles, raccoons, coyotes and even pheasants make appearances on my daily walks and jogs. But I think I am most enchanted by all the bunnies. Some are little wild cottontails but many are lost or discarded pets that some of the locals have taken to caring for. As far as I know though, I'm the only one who has named them. They are pretty easy to keep straight since they have very clear territories. Bea was my bunny for the winter when food was scarce. She would come every night to eat her pellets and carrots and have a groom in the safety of our backyard. When Spring came she moved on to all the blooms of the area, but I hope she will return for her winter diet again come October.

Growing up with eight cats, having a bunny was never really an option. Now, it seems, I finally have my chance.


  1. Have you ever drawn quail? I remember seeing a quaint family in my best friend's backyard. The babies got lost in the tall grass, and I couldn't even imagine how fragile and vulnerable they were. Big job for mama!