Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old Girl, er, Dress New Again

(Sweater- Anthropologie, Dress- Urban Rack [900 years ago], Belt- J Crew,
Earrings- Era Style Loft, Tights- Steve Madden, Boots- Indigo)

My man had the courtesy of having a birthday so that I could get fancy for a day. Sure, I pulled out an ancient dress, and one I actually wore on our first real grown-up date, but I restyled and made it new again. Something that this blog was supposed to encourage me to do- remix, NOT purchase more. Then came Black Friday. Sigh. Curbing those kinds of bad habits takes time I suppose.

And on a side note, I've finally figured out a few things about this wacky technology stuff and I've enabled anyone to leave comments. But please keep it PG folks.

And on another side note, please follow my blog and add to my sad little numbers on the side there. It would be a lovely thing to do for a gal this holiday season.

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