Friday, December 2, 2011

Cute and Sweaty

(Toque, Jacket, Turtleneck, Necklace- Anthropologie, Cords- AG,
Sweater- Dots, Boots- Josef Seibel)

Trying to paint plaid is much more challenging than I previously thought. I think I did okay. Just remember folks I'm not trying to make an photographic reproduction- I'm not capable of that anyway. If I wanted it to be perfect then I'd post a photo, and you would all have to see my massive nose and short legs. Trust me, drawing is better for everyone.

I wore this last week when I attempted a bit of Christmas shopping/ errands/ stupidity. Really comfortable when getting into your cold car, but when you are sixth in line at Zellers, holding massive boxes of toys in addition to your previous purchases it's pretty much the sweatiest outfit ever. The lesson here? Only shop online.


  1. Only shop online? What about Unreal City where you can see original Binky art & buy the Binky books.

  2. I'm a big believer in wearing layers that you can take off while shopping and always leave your coat in the car or check it so you hands are free to shop :) Good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping!