Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stay- Puff Skirtmas

(Blue Sweater- Lands End Canvas, Yellow Sweater/ Jumper/ Hairband- Anthropologie,
Belt- J Crew, Tights- Gap, Socks- Joe Fresh, Boots- Indigo)

I admit that I made myself look a little less poofy in the drawn version than I looked in real life. I loved the colour combo and the cozy warmth of the two sweater thing, but I looked a little stay-puff for my taste. It being Christmas time though, maybe I do look a little stay-puff with or without the double sweater action. In any case, this is what I wore.

Oh, and I know what you are thinking- isn't that the jumper that Rory Gilmore wore in the final season of Gilmore Girls? Yes. Yes it is. 

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