Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Fat Cheater

Hello lovely readers. I am still in the thick of the Binky finals, so I'm gonna be a big cheat for the next little while and use some instagram photos. I know, I'm play it fast and loose with the term "Drawn," but trust me I'm still drawing, just not my outfits. What I can tell you is that I was photographed for the cover of Quill and Quire last week by the lovely Carey Shaw (meaning I got to pick out some rad- yeah, I said it, "rad," and no I don't think it dates me at all thank YOU very much- to wear.) And I get to do some work travel next week which means more RAD outfits and maybe even some more Ativan "enhanced" drawings.

So please forgive my cheating ways and rest your eyes on my little Fran's cute tabby face. See, there's no way to stay mad looking at that furry mug.

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