Friday, January 13, 2012


(Blouse, Blazer and Skirt- Anthropologie, Boots- Lola Ramona [Thanks MOM!!])

Just to give you an idea of how far behind I am, this is what I wore to Christmas dinner. Yeah, I know. Fun outfit though. Wish I could wear this blouse everyday. And what outfit is complete without flamingos? 

This also signals the return of the giant noggened Ashley (too much drawing of comic characters these days, sorry) and- drum roll please- the arrival of THE BOOTS. This was one of those "act surprised," gifts that, truth be told, are my favorite! My Mom, heretofore to be known as The Enabler, spotted these on a shopping excursion in November and the multi-coloured buttons screamed my name. Being a bit beyond me price wise, The Enabler offered to tuck them away and leave me destitute and bootless until December 25th. It was a struggle, but I survived December and now they are mine! ALL MINE!!


  1. Those boots are very awesome!

  2. Loving the multicoloured buttons - definitely worth the wait; I'm sure :)