Monday, August 20, 2012

Autumn Wedgies

(Scarf/ Blouse- Anthropologie, Sweater/ Jeans- Gap, Shoes- Tsubo)

I'm aware that most of Saskatchewan is absorbing and loving the insane heat, but I'm already dreaming of the cooler days of Fall. All those who read this blog regularly know that I'm not the biggest fan of warm weather. I max out at 24 (C) and hate to needlessly expose my legs. "Bring on Fall," is what I say- often while walking down the street by myself and usually garnering more than one bemused glance from a person that (I swear!) wasn't there two seconds ago. How do they do that? You are walking the dog and the inevitable wedgie occurs, so you check your surroundings before dislodging the errant bit of fabric and just when your mid-wedgie removal, no turning back now, BAM!, someone has magically appeared across the street and is looking straight at you. Every. Time.

I think I got a bit sidetracked there. My point was, I like Fall. 

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