Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitten Transport

(Scarf- Gap, Blazer/ Tank- J Crew, Jeans- AG, Shoes- Anthropologie)

I wore this the other day when I transported one of my foster kittens to his new home in Vancouver. I decided to draw him into the photo for posterity. Man, was it hard to say good-bye to him. This is why I've never put myself on the fostering list at local cat rescues. I'm more the "you are mine forever" kind of cat person. I think that last sentence just put me on the Saskatoon Area Mental Health watch list. 

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to be featured in the National Post Style section. I never saw the results of our photo shoot though, so there is a good chance that you will see first hand why I draw myself on this blog instead of posting photos. There could be some mega-goofus face. Consider yourselves warned.

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