Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post

(Shirt, Sweater, Jeans- Anthropologie, Slippers- Lands End)

I bet you all thought the dentist did me in last week, huh? I'm sure you've all been trolling the papers waiting for the inevitable headline, "Death in the Dentist's Chair." (Newspapers are such suckers for alliteration.) But, low and behold, I have survived. Turns out the rumours of my cavities were greatly exaggerated. The lesson here kids, get a second opinion. 

Honestly, I've been up to my eyeballs in deadlines lately. Drawing, writing, presentation preparation- the whole shabang. So I've asked my significant other to do the outfit drawing for me this week. And, might I say, I've never looked prettier. 

I'm off to Winnipeg today for a writer's festival, so please be patient loyal fans. I will be back with new drawings soon. 

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