Monday, September 17, 2012

Tooth Liar

(Blazer/ shirt- J Crew, Jeans- AG, Purse- Anthropologie, Shoes- Joseph Campbell)

Sorry the posts are starting to get a little less frequent. I am, in fact, still wearing clothes, but finding the time to draw them is getting more challenging. I'm not complaining- business is great and I am lucky to have so many contracts...

Okay, that got boring fast. Truth is I have to go have a cavity filled tomorrow and I'm a bit scared. Did I ever tell you fine readers that I am a fainter? Yup, I am. And not the pretty swoony kind of faint but the, "Gee, do you think she's have a seizure because she sure is making a spectacle of herself," kind of faint. I don't usually faint at the dentist's office but there was talk of needles so only time will tell. You know what's the worst about this? The reason I have the cavity? Too. Much. Fruit. You heard that right, eat well and you get cavities. All these years I could have been downing bags of jujubes and never flossing and I'd be right where I am today. An apple a day my a$#. The lies stop here. 

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